How to Avoid Hefty PPL license Fees ?

Let’s try and simplify things. When playing popular music in your retail outlet e.g. Kala Chashma by Badhshah etc either via Youtube, spotify or pen drive then you must pay a licence fee to cover the PPL & IPRS. This is an annual cost as the licence needs renewing.
In other words, if you play songs from music labels like T-series, Zee, Sony and hundreds others, in your commercial establishment like fashion store, restaurant, bar, salon, mall or hotel then you must pay a certain license fee to PPL and IPRS.

PPL, short for Phonographic Performance Limited, represents the member music labels which produce and own the music. IPRS, short for Indian Performing Rights Society, represents the interests of its member artists who compose music and write the lyrics. Together these organisations collect revenue from businesses when their music is played in a commercial space, then share the returns as royalties to their members.

However, important to remember is that if you play only non-copyrighted music composed and performed by Non-PPL IPRS members, then you do not have to pay any fees to PPL or IPRS. It seems a lot of people are unaware of this and the huge savings you can make in annual license fees by simply switching to Non- PPL IPRS music.

So you can easily and legally avoid paying huge fees to PPL & IPRS when playing music in your premises. Just make sure the music you are playing is Non- PPL IPRS music. You only need to make some effort by searching that music on youtube because Non-PPL IPRS music is not available on Spotify or Gaana.

If you do not have the time to search for such music yourself, you can buy a subscription of Make My Radio and play music from their library of more than 500,000 Non-PPL IPRS tracks. It plays ad free, needs no licensing and comes at a very nominal price.